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About Us

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Our Golden Rule in Air Conditioning Services

The Golden Rule is what gives you the "extra mile." Dan Murray began Murray's Heating and Air Conditioning in 1988 with the belief that holding true to "The Golden Rule" would be his guiding premise. 

The company's slogan, "Exceeding our Customers' Expectations" is closely related to Dan's belief that when customers are treated as he would like to be treated, business growth comes by word of mouth and repeat business. It's as simple as that!

Furnace Repair & Mini Splits in Syracuse, NY - Murray's Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
As Dan explains it, "The Golden Rule is actually something that often runs opposite to how many businesses usually operate. But the way I see it, if I go the extra mile to make sure someone is satisfied, I know I'll have fewer complaints, and far fewer sleepless nights. I'm well aware of the fact that if I make a customer happy, they may tell one other person. But if I make a customer unhappy, they'll immediately tell ten other people."

The smallest details make the biggest difference

From the initial contact on the phone to the most knowledgeable and experienced staff, the Golden Rule prevails.
  • A neat and clean work environment means leaving the work site cleaner than when the job was started.
  • Using proper evacuation charging tools and techniques during air conditioning installations ensures the proper refrigerant charge and longer unit life.
  • Wearing disposable booties over dirty work boots in a home keeps the technician's feet safe and the customer's floors clean.
Heating Contractor in Syracuse, NY - Murray's Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
Air Conditioning Repair in Syracuse, NY - Murray's Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
  • Taking the extra time to make sure electrical wiring, ducts, and condensing units are level and neat translates into caring that the job is done right.
  • Never skimping on materials or qualities means that customers are happy – repairs and installations are done right the first time!

We work with you to ensure your comfort & satisfaction

And does Murray's Heating & Air Conditioning always succeed in their goal of exceeding customers' expectations? "Not always, of course," admits Dan. "We're all humans and sometimes difficult situations arise. We do our best to fix our mistakes and our customers recognize our desire to make them right. They appreciate it and everyone works together to come to a happy ending. I wouldn't have it any other way. People spend a lot of money on the equipment they buy from me and it's got to run almost every day and for a very long time – it may be something in a basement, but to us it's an investment, and quality and satisfaction have to come first."

So when you’re looking for a heating and air conditioner contractor who is willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the best customer service at reasonable prices, look no further than Murray’s Heating.

Call Murray's today air conditioning contractors & heating contractors in Syracuse NY!

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